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Building Systems/O&M

Active Performance Management

This product is a patented onboard software that learns predicts, adjusts automatically and makes optimization recommendations in real-time.Applied in conjunction with equipment...
Building Systems/O&M

Pump Manager

This pumping solution is a web-based service that leverages the embedded intelligence and connectivity available through its new line of Design Envelope pumps to provide sustained...
Building Systems/O&M


Tango is a line of parallel sensorless pumps that reduces first installed costs and the lifetime cost of ownership by more than 30% over comparable equipment.The hydraulic design...
Building Systems/O&M

IPC 9521

The IPC 9521 is an integrated plant control system that uses a base-level platform to achieve greater efficiency in chiller plants. Sensorless pump feedback and staging for variable...
Building Systems/O&M

IPC 9511 Plant Automation System

Designed to improve the performance of air-cooled chiller plants, the IPC 9511 Plant Automation System is field-configurable and includes automation features for constant speed...