Potter Automatic Air Vents

July 13, 2018

It may seem impossible that a new sprinkler system would produce pinhole leaks in less than two years, but it isn’t. If the trapped air in a wet fire sprinkler system is not properly eliminated, an environment for accelerated corrosion occurs, and the system’s life expectancy decreases. Because of this, NFPA 13 now requires all sprinkler systems to be equipped to vent corrosive oxygen out of the sprinkler system.

FM recommends the use of automatic air vents, as they are the simplest and most cost effective solution to eliminate trapped air pockets in your sprinkler system. Simply install a Potter PAAR-B or Potter PAV at the high point on your sprinkler system most remote from the riser. As the system fills, corrosive oxygen escapes. The air vent automatically closes when water reaches it and the PAAR-B comes with a drip pan for certain applications.