ES Net Network Bridge

Aug. 30, 2023
Allows fire alarm data to travel over existing network infrastructure via a secure VPN tunnel.

The ES Net Network Bridge is an enhancement to Johnson Controls’ Simplex ES Net Life Safety Network. It enhances system visibility and control across distant buildings and campuses by allowing fire alarm system data to travel over existing network infrastructure by creating a secure VPN tunnel. Facilities can eliminate the need to run new or additional dedicated wiring for the fire alarm system because multiple buildings are connected over long distances with high-speed, high-bandwidth, high-resilience connectivity.

With this enhancement, the Simplex ES Net can provide a singular, shared pathway for secure, encrypted data transfer across all networked devices, including panels, strobes and alarms, as well as system health. Operators have centralized, multi-building visibility from a single workstation for more effective response. The ES Net Network Bridge meets the NFPA 72 Class N pathway specification, which specifically addresses the use of IP network infrastructure used for fire alarm and emergency communications systems.