Oct. 27, 2023
Portable clean agent fire extinguisher.

Available through ANSUL and PYRO-CHEM, CLEANGUARD+ is an environmentally friendly extension to Johnson Controls’ commercial portable fire extinguisher line. It uses the reliable, electrically nonconductive FK-5-1-12 agent, which has zero ozone depletion potential, global warming potential less than 1 and a one-week atmospheric lifetime. The agent is residue-free, corrosion-resistant and requires no cleanup after discharge, minimizing collateral damages after operational downtime.

CLEANGUARD+ can be used in smaller spaces than traditional clean agent fire extinguishers. An optional MR Conditional model contains stainless steel components and is rated up to 7 tesla. Manufactured in the United States. UL-ULC listed, compliant with the NFPA 10 standard and US Coast Guard approved.