Disaster Resilience

Resiliency & Sustainability

Seattle, Dallas Crane Accidents: How to Avoid Construction Liabilities

June 17, 2019
Four people were killed in April 2019 when a crane fell from the top of a building in Seattle, crashing onto cars on the street below. In June 2019, a crane fell onto a Dallas...

What’s Your Craziest Day on the Job?

May 28, 2019
Preparing your building for a range of unforeseen events is key to best protecting your buildings and its occupants. Industry professionals share their craziest days on the job...
Fire & Life Safety

10 Common Mistakes in Your Emergency Action Plan (From NFMT)

March 28, 2019
At the NFMT 2019 conference in Baltimore, 911 Consulting president and former police commissioner Bo Mitchell walks attendees through the common gaps in your emergency planning...
Resiliency & Sustainability

Designing for Disaster with the Resilience Standard

Feb. 6, 2019
Version 2.0 of RELi, a resilience-focused standard for buildings, is about to launch. Here’s what to expect from the updated resilience standard.   
Automation & Controls

Biggest Risks Impacting Your Building in 2019

Jan. 23, 2019
Inability to adapt to climate change and extreme weather events top the World Economic Forum’s list of the most threatening global risks this year. Both of those things ...