Year in Review for BUILDINGS Readers

Dec. 5, 2018

Giving facilities managers and building owners news to help you do your jobs easier, faster, better and more informed is the priority at BUILDINGS media.

2018 has been a year of change at BUILDINGS media, with the intent of putting you, the reader, even more at the center of our storytelling. In everything we do, we strive to make the job of facilities manager and building owner easier, and bring you the information in the most efficient way possible.

In no way has this been more of a shift than by posting articles online more often, with a focus on newsy topics and how they relate to facilities and property management. We want to be your resource for news and current topics so you have up-to-date content at your fingertips.

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In 2018, we focused on a variety of topics and content that resonated with readers, but also in the way we delivered it to you.

Breaking News

When news happens that could have implication on your facility and how you do your job, we create original content to help you understand how to prevent it, next steps or things to consider. And far and away, we know this is the type of content you read, so we’ll continue that in the future.

Politics is in every part of our lives, and how we do our job is no exception. A few political stories stood out this year:

Tariff War

Steel and aluminum tariffs have been in the news most of the year, and the BUILDINGS team has been covering it as it’s progressed, updating on where it stands and how it can affect your bottom line. We also look at other tariffs that are common facilities products.

Resurgence of Asbestos

Asbestos is back. The EPA has approved materials containing asbestos, and they could be found in building or construction materials or interior design elements. Our article can help you find out more about it, where it could be hiding and why it’s harmful.

Trade Skills Shortage

To address a skills shortage, earlier this year President Trump signed an executive order establishing a council to give American workers training to fill skilled trade jobs.

The executive order hopes to “foster an environment of lifelong learning and skills-based training, and cultivate a demand-driven approach to workforce development.”

Emergency Planning

Other popular news articles from this year include a focus on planning for emergency situations and how you can best avoid or minimize them from happening in your facility:

Evacuation Plans

The Frankfurt Airport was evacuated when a family was allowed into the security area despite a positive explosive test. Many people took to Twitter and not-too-kindly pointed out the disorganization and lack of information given, highlighting the importance of evacuation plans for visitors and large groups of people who may be unfamiliar with your building.

In short, make sure your Emergency Action Plan is up to date.

Active Shooters

Have an active shooter plan in place.  We shared information on the NFPA 3000 standard for active shooter and hostile events. We even went through our own active shooter training at our own company and it was eye-opening.

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Offbeat Information

We enjoy writing about the unusual as much as you have shown you like reading it. Some of our (and your) favorites include buildings in interesting locations:

Leaning Tower of... San Francisco?

Since completion a decade ago, San Francisco’s tallest concrete structure, the Millennium Tower, has sunk 17 inches and tilts 14 inches. Who is responsible and how do you solve this or prevent it from happening? Occupants heard a “pop” and there’s a crack in a window. Find out why that matters and more about this leaning tower’s legal nightmare.

La Segrada Familia

Are you positive you’re up-to-date on all your building permits? Would you bet $42 million on that? Barcelona’s famed Catholic cathedral La Sagrada Familia, known for constantly being under construction since 1882, was found to not have the correct permits. An error that’s going to cost the nonprofit La Sagrada Familia Foundation big...

Dinner Under the Sea

Dine “Under” with the world’s largest underwater restaurant. Sneak a peek at this incredible sustainable structure that’s literally built under the sea.

Technology Changes

Technology is rapidly moving and changing. We stay on top of trends and information to help you decipher what’s important and how to make the most of your information and investment. Two areas include:

  • Internet of Things (Iot): They consist of sensors, meters, appliances and other devices that can send or receive data. IoT devices can serve your facility by monitoring and providing information for energy, equipment, environmental quality, space utilization and more. Find out if it’s the right investment for your building and discover the 10 ways IoT is changing elevators.
  • Analytics: Machine learning uses information you already have to provide insights about future use, helping your building and equipment run more efficiently. Determine if predictive analytics is possible in your facility and how to optimize your facility with data analytics.


Sustainability is a complex topic that’s moving from a “nice to have” into a necessity, especially for the newer generations stepping into the workplace. We’ve focused on bringing you changes and trends in the industry and explaining how you can implement them.

For example, 10 Tips for Green Building Certification helps you determine if or what certification is right for your building, and includes a downloadable chart breaking down the different programs to compare side by side.

Other sustainability articles that resonated with readers are:

Net Zero Building

Tips to move your building toward net zero, for those of you who look to take it a step further, either by choice or mandate. See how others are doing it, and how you can move down the path to net zero.

Plug Loads

Eight plug loads that consume the most energy. You might be surprised how small items can add up to a large energy drain. One way to tackle it is creating an energy audit to see where and how you can save.

Heat Island Effect

A look at heat island effect, where the built environment in cities, such as roofs and concrete parking lots, absorb and retain heat throughout the day, and why it matters.

Living Green Walls

Living walls are trending upward as incoming generations to the workforce are specifically looking for wellness and health-centered employers. These green walls have gained a lot of attention and provide valuable benefits. Plus, they are easier to maintain than you’d think.


This year we also focused on new ways to deliver content to you, including our newest offering: the BUILDINGS podcast.

Architectural Salvage: Benefits of Reusing Old Buildings

Showing off your use of reclaimed materials is more than a contribution toward your green building certification – it’s a statement that your organization cares about the environment.

Your building’s story can reflect the community around it.


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As we reflect on a year packed full of timely information and look forward to 2019, we will continue our commitment to providing you current, relevant content so it’s easier to do your job better.

More year-in-review articles:

About the Author

Valerie Dennis Craven | Director of Accounts, Stamats & Contributing Writer

Valerie is an experienced journalist with an emphasis in the B2B market. As the former director of editorial services for i+s, she led the editorial staff in producing the multiple assets we offer: articles, podcasts, webinars, social media, CEUs and more. Valerie enjoys writing about technology and the way people work.

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