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11 Life Safety & Security Money-Saving Products for 2019

March 25, 2019

The lines between life and fire safety and security blends together. BUILDINGS received a vast number of submissions for the Money-Saving Products program. Check out these winning products, chosen by the editorial staff. 

As a facilities professional, you understand there’s nothing more important than the safety of your occupants. These 11 product solutions help provide a variety of life-saving options that ultimately protect your building and the people inside.

Life & Fire Safety

PURGEnVENT 7930ECA - End Cap Automatic Air Vent

AGF Manufacturing

The 7930ECA can easily be installed on new or existing systems to help deter corrosion within a fire sprinkler system. The automatic air vent is easily installed and comes preassembled, very compact and does not require a drain line or drip pan.

7930 ECA is an economical option to protect and extend the life a property owners’ fire sprinkler system. It’s automatic air vent that can quickly and easily be coupled to the end of a wet fire sprinkler system.

The 7930ECA reduces labor and maintenance costs for your fire sprinkler system in several ways. The air vent has a purge valve that can be opened to expel large amounts of air and expedites the draining and filling of the system. The unit also acts as a vacuum break, reducing the need to reseat gaskets while refilling the system, saving time and money on maintenance.

The most significant savings is that the valve automatically and continuously vents air trapped in the system to help prevent corrosion and extend the life of the fire sprinkler system.

Reducing corrosion in a system helps prevent leaks that can damage property, inconvenience tenants, cause costly maintenance and make a fire protection system inoperable. The air vent or FM Approved, UL Listed and approved by the California State Fire Marshal.

Retrofit Kit using Indigo-Clean Technology | Kenall Lighting 

Life Safety & Lighting Crossover

The Retrofit Kit using Indigo-Clean Technology saves utility and maintenance costs, thanks to the high efficiency and long life of LED lighting. But it also saves people from getting sick.

The LED retrofit kit utilizes a new, state-of-the-art technology to kill bacteria including Staph, such as MRSA, in critical environments—patient rooms, dayrooms, locker rooms, waiting rooms, schools, physical therapy spaces and more—by combining white LED light with 405nm Indigo light, providing on-demand environmental disinfection. 

(More to come from this Editors’ Choice winner.)

StormDefender™ Door


According to the National Weather Service, in 2017, the total damage from natural disasters reached $306 billion. While infrastructure damage and financial loss is substantial, human lives are also lost.

To help combat the alarming increase in natural disasters and protect facilities against high speed winds and flying projectiles, CornellCookson has developed the StormDefender™ Door for use in storm shelters. This advanced rolling steel door is designed specifically for safe room protection against life-threatening tornados and hurricanes.

With StormDefender™ Door designers can convert large spaces such as bright, sunny cafeterias, auditoriums or pods of classrooms into safe rooms during extreme weather.

This product allows specifiers and building owners more freedom to create aesthetically pleasing spaces. Because StormDefender™ Door has the smallest footprint of any rolling door that meets ICC 500 requirements, specifiers don’t have to worry about reserving precious real estate for swing window coverings or doors.

As facilities are renovated or rebuilt, specifiers look for ways to balance architectural interest and accommodate trending open space design, all while keeping people and property safe during extreme weather events. Now typical safe room spaces can be open and airy instead of dark and claustrophobic.

ADC105 Addressable Damper Controller


Since the SIMPLEX ES fire alarm system is already part of a building's automation, adding the ADC105 to any smoke or combination fire smoke damper makes this a low-cost addressable controller, saving testing and maintenance costs. The ADC105 works directly with SIMPLEX ES fire alarm panels required by building codes.

Adding this simple addressable damper controller to a new facility or retrofitted building will reduce maintenance costs to test and maintain life safety dampers.

The Ruskin ADC105 addressable damper controller meets NFPA 80 and 105 life safety remote damper testing requirements. The ADC105 is an addressable module that works with SIMPLEX ES fire alarm panels. With the ADC105 connected to a SIMPLEX fire alarm system, it allows continuous monitoring and alarm capability if something should go wrong. The ADC105 allows for the periodic testing that is required in NFPA 80 and NFPA 105.

(This company also had an HVAC winning product.)

Universal Stopper®

Safety Technology International

The Universal Stopper® protective cover is relatively inexpensive when compared to purchasing and replacing broken or damaged fire pull stations. Preventing false fire alarms saves possible municipal fees, disruption, lost revenue and a loss of productivity from employees, staff members and/or students.

One immediate savings is by avoiding a fine from officials for an inoperable fire alarm or for false activation. The Stopper assures protected devices are operational when needed and increases productivity of the units by reducing vandalism and accidental damage. This helps reduce the risk of false activation, maintenance costs, amount of time necessary to replace damaged units, etc.

By using STI’s Universal Stopper, the risk of false alarms is decreased (and building disruption is at a minimum) because the cover’s internal horn draws immediate attention to the area before a false fire alarm is activated. The alert will help to catch the vandal and reduce false fire alarms.

Constructed of superior strength polycarbonate (same material used in football helmets), the cover absorbs the shock of being hit. The indoor/outdoor Stopper protects important units such as dual action pull stations, key pads for entry systems, intercom stations, emergency buttons, electrical light switches, duplex plugs and more without restricting legitimate operation.

The multiple cover combinations assure no product is left unprotected. It has a high strength continuous hinge, is low profile (meeting ADA requirements) and accommodates most dual action pull stations. UL/cUL Listed, ADA Compliant.


Annual Fire Inspection

Prepare for your next fire inspection. Get your checklist here >>


Arcules Integrated Video Cloud Service


The Arcules service allows multi-site organizations the ability to centrally manage the entire system, aggregate data and transform video into powerful operational insights intelligence using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The platform was also designed from the ground up to be intuitive for end users, so every component, connection and data flow work to create the optimal customer experience today and into the future.

The Arcules Integrated Video Cloud Service combines untapped video and sensor data with the latest technologies in cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver actionable business and security intelligence for modern organizations.

The cloud-based service is designed to ensure security, scalability, streamlined operations and bandwidth management—all from a single, easy-to-use interface. All video and sensor data are stored securely in the cloud. With Arcules you can add or reduce the amount of storage needed, reducing (or eliminating) the reliance on traditional, complex server environments.

Arteco Security Connector


Arteco Security Connector provides cost savings by streamlining the supervision and management of events generated by intrusion, fire systems and building automation sensors. The advanced software package extends Arteco’s ability to integrate its Video Event Management Software (VEMS) with an ever-growing number of IP devices and systems, and manage them on a single, centralized interface.

Designed as an intuitive information bridge between third-party devices and Arteco NEXT VEMS, Arteco Security Connector is capable of receiving events from a wide variety of different devices due to pre-installed drivers. It can be installed on the same server as the video management solution, reducing the need for additional hardware investments, increasing ROI and simplifying overall system management.

To face today’s varying security risks, organizations demand a combination of security technologies, and this unification must be seamless. This product simplifies processes and improves integrations, granting elevated data collection and overall greater security for people and enterprises. It enhances decision-making through the capacity to visually verify the identity of individuals in Arteco Maps and obtain a complete overview of a scene.

Additionally, post-incident investigations are made more effective by the availability of video information linked to each event. Arteco Security Connector allows operators to receive and manage events and engage in bidirectional interaction to arm or disarm groups of sensors with a simple click. It also creates the ability to link devices with any other system configured on the Arteco VEMS, such as video cameras and access control systems.

Techwin’s Wisenet X Series Plus Camera

Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet X series Plus camera line offers free on-board video analytics (people counting, heat map, queue line management and sound classifications). Our products feature H.265 + WiseStream II compression technology, which offers a 50 percent bandwidth and storage savings.

The X Plus design and packaging saves the installer more on camera installation, time and configuration, while the USB and CVBS save on installation time on camera positioning.

Wisenet X series Plus is beneficial and unique because our magnetic, modular design multi-sensors allow different resolutions on the same camera body. The Frame Lock feature guarantees the required FPS be sent out of the camera no matter how many users log into the same camera or how many profiles are created.

Evolution ExD Explosive Environment Camera Range


The ExD camera range adheres to a number of certifications that make it exponentially safer and more appealing to markets such as oil and gas, power, storage, manufacturing and more. The IECEx deemed the ExD certified at a “high” protection level, with the flame-proof housing protecting an inner explosion from spreading into the surrounding atmosphere.

The ExD camera range is the only 360-degree single-sensor camera with an explosion-protected housing. The ATEX mark certifies the camera for use in non-mining explosion-prone environments, with an ambient temperature between -20°C and +55°C. The camera range also features a heavy duty, 316L stainless steel housing and is rated IP66, IP67 and IP68 against water and dust ingress.

A single 360-degree camera allows security operators to see the full view of an expansive area within a building or facility (or even outside of it), replacing between four and five traditional field-of-view cameras.

Each of those cameras come with associated licensing and bandwidth-related costs, so being able to address a lower cost option that provides even more critical video coverage can be a major selling point for building and facility managers.

Additionally, the ExD cameras are built using ONVIF Profile S standardization, meaning they can integrate seamlessly with other ONVIF compliant technology, saving significant investment in additional systems over time.


Security Threats of Tailgating in Your Facility


Sean Ahrens, a leader in the field of security and resilience, as well as a project manager for Affiliated Engineers, Inc., shares insights with Janelle Penny into the security threats of tailgating and piggybacking in respect to the access control of your building. Listen here >>

Large-Scale Surveillance Solution


Pivot3’s large-scale surveillance solution provides the performance, resiliency, scalability and ease of use that is required for large-scale environments at a lower cost than any other enterprise solution.

Designed to support video surveillance and IoT security deployments requiring 500TB of storage or more, the solution generates savings by lowering acquisition and operational costs through an all-in-one IT infrastructure. The ability to streamline data storage, video management, access control and other related security applications facilitates more consolidation that provides immediate ROI with scalability as needed.

With its large-scale surveillance solution, Pivot3 significantly lowers cost and delivers higher rack density for multi-PB video installations with the lowest price point in the market for scalable video surveillance infrastructure.

This product delivers enhanced value by enabling mission-critical organizations to streamline video, security management and storage environments by hosting video management software and other security applications, as well as data storage, on a highly resilient, secure and scalable infrastructure. It can support more than 6PB of storage and 15,000 HD cameras in a single rack, reducing footprint, power and cooling requirements.

The solution uses a highly-dense platform—dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and up to 288TB storage in two rack units—with advanced features, including automatic failover and advanced data protection. This eliminates downtime and data loss resulting from hardware failures, providing the resilience required for mission-critical video applications.

Security Center Synergis

Genetec Inc.

From smaller sites to large, multi-site organizations, Security Center Synergis is an intuitive and adaptable access control solution that can be tailored to organization needs.

It helps manage the flow of access to their site—whether it’s a high-security campus or an institution where free movement is paramount. It’s a modern access control experience that reduces the total cost of ownership. Synergis differentiates itself from traditional, proprietary access control. By supporting an ever-growing array of widely deployed access controllers and electronic locks, it gives organizations newfound flexibility while closely safeguarding the long-term viability of their investments.

When people travel across multiple locations, a consistent experience with global cardholder management is key. Centrally managing all cardholders and credentials, automatically synchronizing changes and moving to a single card approach allows for colleagues to never have to feel like visitors. It will lower costs and increase operational efficiency as organizations eliminate redundant activities.

Deploying Synergis Cloud Link appliances at all locations as organization expands across one or more sites will allow them to control the volume of hardware they need, and streamline connectivity, communications and security. With a scalable and efficient architecture, organizations will immediately benefit from the savings.

Synergis is one of the core systems of Security Center, our comprehensive security platform. Along with video surveillance and automatic license plate recognition—as well as optional Genetec modules and partner add-ons—it forms a unified system that offers enhanced intelligence, security and operations. Because it’s highly scalable, you can rely on the advanced architecture of Security Center to grow with your organization.

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