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How IoT Sensors and AI are Revolutionizing Smart Buildings

April 10, 2024
The landscape of building management is changing. Here’s why facilities professionals should consider adaptable technologies that simplify operations, reduce costs and increase...
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Smart products for building efficiency and security

Nov. 14, 2023
Whether it's monitoring energy and water usage or improving security, these five products can help achieve your goals.
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Aliro Mobile Wearable Access Control Protocol

Connectivity alliance announces protocol for mobile and wearable access control

Nov. 10, 2023
Members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance establish a common credential and protocol that enhances interoperability between mobile devices and readers and unlocks greater...
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RF sensors address new challenges in commercial office management

Oct. 10, 2023
Advanced sensor technology enhances infrastructure management and employee health and safety in the era of the hybrid work environment.
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Square D Control Relays, Schneider Electric

5 products for smarter facility upgrades

Sept. 12, 2023
From remote building monitoring and energy management to POTS replacements, these new solutions will help keep your facility on the cutting edge.
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How to align building technology integration, interoperability, and security

Sept. 12, 2023
Despite endless hours of preparation and execution, building integrations often don’t work as intended or as needed to meet increasingly common energy reporting requirements or...