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IFMA 2019: Get a Handle on Package Delivery in Your Facility

Oct. 25, 2019

With tech-enabled tools and tracking functionality, mail and delivery can be handled quickly, safely and efficiently. Learn about the solutions two companies showcased at the 2019 IFMA World Workplace conference and expo.

Mail and packaging tracking and delivery can be time consuming and costly. From receiving the packages to logging and delivering them to the correct recipients, it can be a lot to manage, especially in and around a large facility.

At the 2019 IFMA World Workplace conference and expo, two companies showcased solutions that aim to save time and manpower for mail and packaging delivery.

With tech-enabled tools, mail and delivery can be handled quickly and safely while keeping all parties in the know about where items are located. Learn about the solutions from two companies at IFMA 2019.

Marble’s Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Marble makes unmanned vehicles equipped with cameras and sensors that offer fully autonomous point-to-point delivery. The software makes the vehicles special, explains John Doolittle, commercial lead with Marble. It can be paired with any type of vehicle as large as farming equipment.

Photo: Marble’s robot is a fully autonomous vehicle that can deliver items around a facility. Credit: Janelle Penny

The Marble robot autonomous vehicle:

  • Stores items in a locked cargo area

  • Drives to the destination

  • Waits as the recipient receives a text saying where the Marble robot is and the code to open the cargo area before going to its destination or next stop

The robot’s cargo area is large enough to carry mail delivery, supplies, packages and food. It can also be partitioned off into different cargo departments. Doolittle says there are “so many different applications for how to use this, it’s up to the customer to get creative.”

John Doolittle, commercial lead with Marble:

Additional features include:

  • Safety: The Marble robot features human detection, which tracks human behavior to predict their movement avoid accidents while in autonomy mode. The Marble robot stops when something is in its way and moves again once the path is clear. It can also produce a customizable alert sound to warn people it’s moving.

  • Simple user maintenance: Marble maintains the product, so you don’t need someone internal to handle maintenance.

  • Electric components: The Marble robot features an electric, rechargeable battery that lasts about 8 hours. It can also be plugged in and “topped off,” as Doolittle puts it, when not in use.

  • Secure deliveries: With a locked cargo, packages are secure until the recipient with the code unlocks it.

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Notifii Package Management

Cloud-based package management company Notifii can organize the package delivery system within your facility or campus via software.

Michael Baker, sales executive with Notifii:

Michael Baker, sales executive with Notifii, explains that this is done through:

  • Tracking: When the carrier delivers a package to the point person at the facility, it’s logged into the software.

  • Notification: Once the package is logged, Notifii will send the recipient a text, email and picture notification regarding when and where to pick up the item.

Baker calls the software and process “a time saver … that makes things more efficient. It takes out the possibility for human error.”

The mail tracking system runs on any mobile device via an app (available for Android and iOS) or at notifii.com. This cuts down on the time it takes someone to log a package, which Baker says can be done in about 5-10 seconds. It also eliminates a step for the person receiving the mail delivery at the facility which can help with accuracy and accountability.

When logging the package, a variety of information can be collected, images can be attached, and e-signatures for proof of pickup can be collected. Timestamping and personalized settings for recipients are also available. The software features a searchable history and reports to make sure everything is being handled in a timely, efficient manner.

Consider Return on Investment

Investing in and implementing mail tracking and delivery technology might not be something you have considered or budgeted for. However, over time, the investment can pay for itself in time recovered, frustration avoided and deliveries made on time.

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