Software to Analyze Building Lifecycle

April 20, 2015

Cloud-based application measures the effect of climate change on facilities.

While many different types of software exist to measure energy consumption in facilities, a new program has been created that can analyze the entire lifecycle of a building, including aspects such as energy use, materials, and social repercussions. The cloud-based software named NECADA can also be used to run scenario simulations that can identify the possible effects that climate change will have on buildings, including measuring how much carbon dioxide the given facility will emit.

The researchers’ design, which is based on the BIM model, allows building professionals to find the most eco-friendly option for design and construction based on the specified materials, the area’s climate, and the building’s orientation. The researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia also point out that the NECADA software could be used for a wide variety of applications, noting that the tool makes it easy to calculate the value of potential renovations for multiple facilities, perform energy audits, and design tests to find the most energy efficient method to operate buildings. 

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