Decorative Glass Magnetic Marker Boards

May 2, 2012

Bendheim offers a collection of dual-function decorative glass magnetic marker boards. This safety laminated product can be utilized as writable wall cladding or opaque glass partitions in schools and universities, libraries, offices, conference rooms, and restaurants. 

The functional, high-polish writing surfaces provide the benefit of durable, maintenance-friendly glass. Standard dry-erase markers and erasers make cleanup easy without ghosting or permanent staining. Powerful magnets allow a variety of materials, ranging from standard notes to fabric swatches, to be elegantly “pinned” to the boards.

Customers can select from single- or dual-sided formats, the latter allowing for two distinct aesthetics on either side of the board, i.e., one side of the glass can be white, the opposite – black. The standard marker boards come in white / black colors and feature luminous fire-polished surfaces. Custom colors and decorative imprinted options are available for larger orders, providing design flexibility.