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10 Lighting & Interiors Money-Saving Products for 2019

March 26, 2019

Lighting and interiors serve more than one simple purpose. These categories influence occupant wellbeing, energy-savings and work productivity, to name a few. Check out these 10 lighting and interiors money-saving product winners.

Lighting and interiors serve more than one simple purpose. These categories influence occupant wellbeing, energy-savings and work productivity, to name a few. Check out these 10 lighting and interiors money-saving product winners.



TURF Design

The Switchblade ceiling system attaches to a tee grid with magnets, working around existing ACT tiles and lighting. The individual 2-foot baffles are easy to install (saving on labor costs) and easy to adjust over time as the needs of a space change.

Overall, Switchblade does double duty: the recycled PET felt material absorbs sound and improves acoustics, and the baffles mix and match for a custom aesthetic without the custom price tag. The designs can pixelate, fade out and transition as needed for the space.



Acoustiblok-Wallcover® saves money and time because the noise reduction material is easy to install and doesn’t require hiring contractors or tearing down existing walls.

It installs easily to an existing wall with carpet adhesive and requires just two or three people to align and hang it properly, making it a pleasant DIY weekend project for reducing sound from the other side of the wall in almost any room.

Acoustiblok-Wallcover is the first scientifically designed noise reduction solution available that is applied directly on top of existing wall surfaces (including concrete).


Here are the 2019 Editors’ Choice Winners:

  • Retrofit Kit using Indigo-Clean Technology | Kenall Lighting

  • Clockworks | KGS Buildings

  • System 4500 Windows and Doors | REHAU

MODIO Guestroom Acoustic Control

KR Moeller Associates Ltd.

MODIO is the world’s first commercial-grade hotel sound masking device. It introduces a continuous soothing background sound into the room, allowing guests to adjust the level of noise control the same way they set temperature and lighting.

Fixing guestroom acoustics has traditionally been expensive and focused on an incomplete approach. Many properties have repeated the same ineffective methods—increasing isolation, adding absorption and purchasing quieter equipment—raising costs while not addressing the root of the problem, which is low interior background sound levels, typically in the range of 28 to 32 dBA.

The cost of solutions is even higher for existing properties, who lose revenue while upgrading rooms.

MODIO is based on our 40 years’ experience in the sound masking field, as well as extensive consultation with the hospitality industry. Its patented design balances acoustical performance and ease of use.

(This product was also featured in our Product Innovation Awards program in 2018).

Natural Choreography

Shaw Contract

The Natural Choreography collection brings once exclusive materials to mass hospitality and commercial design through the affordability and ease of maintenance offered in luxury vinyl tile.

The enhanced durability and patented scratch-resistant surface can withstand wear and tear, which helps companies avoid costly replacement throughout the years and, in turn, helps lower the cost for these projects. Natural Choreography is a solution provider for designers who want high-quality luxury flooring at an affordable cost.

The collection features two visuals—Cut and Shear. Cut, a block wood visual, offers 18” x 18” LVT tiles engineered with layered construction for durability and a scratch resistance layer that protects against premature aging in the most demanding environments. Available in eight colors/patterns, this block wood offers a dramatic composition.

Shear, an organic marbled visual is available in four luxe color finishes, ranging from a light carrara marble to a deep onyx color finish.

Engineered Hardwood

Shaw Contract

Due to the design excellence—from conception to production to installation, Engineered Hardwood has created a longer lasting flooring option that requires less replacement than others in its category and lower maintenance costs.

The ease of installation maximizes productivity and allows a quicker turnaround time to deliver project timelines, which in turn—saves companies money on various labor factors.

Combining the highest quality timber with artisanal craftsmanship, these aspects are paired with an innovative manufacturing process that honors the authentic properties of material while advancing its capabilities.

Engineered Hardwood from Shaw Contract offers a new level of performance, while bringing natural beauty and the authenticity of wood to commercial interiors. In addition to the unique aesthetic and enhanced performance of this product line, the collection also has sustainable attributes including 50 percent post-industrial recycled content in the high-density core styles.

All products in the collection are Lacey Act compliant, CARB II and TSCA VI compliant and select styles are Greenguard and Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.


Put a Lid On It: Acoustics from TURF Design


TURF Design in Chicago provides customizable acoustics solutions for open-offices and school environments. Christoph Trappe of Buildings speaks with TURF Design about their headquarters, products and how they help clients, “Put a lid on it.” Listen here >>

Premium Excelon® Raffia® Stream™ with Diamond 10® Technology Coating VCT

Armstrong Flooring

In addition to saving on maintenance costs, Excelon VCT can help facilities save energy and related costs. Armstrong Flooring’s portfolio of VCT includes a large selection of light-reflective colors.

For example, by pairing more light-reflective flooring with lower-wattage lighting, schools have been able to realize energy savings ranging from 3 to 16 percent. In addition, driving daylight further into interior spaces can support well-being and productivity, in keeping with biophilic design principles.

This product’s Diamond 10® Technology Coating is a vinyl composition tile that can save building owners up to 40 percent on maintenance costs, compared to traditional VCT polishing procedures.

The coating provides improved resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs and allows facilities to reduce initial application of polish and reduce or eliminate restorative floor polish stripping and recoating.

In addition to saving on maintenance costs, this low-maintenance flooring option reduces down-time for commercial spaces, with a faster return to operational use.



Acclaim Lighting

Canvas is a simple, yet powerful touch screen DMX controller to design and modify any aspect of color schemes for permanent installations. It saves time creating and changing color schemes with the capabilities of saving energy by controlling the lights.

With a 3.5” TFT touch panel, Canvas can store up to 80 presets with a color adjusting program up to 60 steps and 60 timer-controlled events to produce precise lighting control. After walking the user through the stress-free setup, Canvas pre-programs up to 30 preset lighting schemes which the user can then quickly modify.

LED Troffer Series


New LED Troffers from EarthTronics provide low energy, high lumen and CRI output for a wide range of new construction commercial and retrofit applications.

Designed to install in 2’x2’ and 2’X4’ grid ceilings, the troffer fixtures from EarthTronics are available in 4000K and 5000K with a high 80+ CRI. The 2’x2’ 30-watt LED Troffer provides 3780 lumens, while the 34-watt 2’x4’ 34-watt LED delivers 4289 watts.

They are equipped standard with a 0 – 10-volt continuous dimming driver with a dimming range capability of 10 to 100 percent. An optional emergency light battery pack and driver is available.

Titan Series


Utilities across the country are encouraging controllable lighting in stairwells which is often an overlooked area for savings. On average, high-rise stairwells are occupied less than 2 percent of the time. This means that most of the time, the lights don’t need to be fully illuminated.

The same is true for utility closets, laundry rooms, corridors and restrooms in commercial and large residential buildings.

Ultrasonic Motion Sensor 

The Titan TTU LED features bi-level operation and comes equipped with an ultrasonic sensor and adjustable standby. This version is ideal for stairwells and corridors where 360° coverage can detect motion around barriers such as staircases, workspace partitions, shelves and other obstacles in the area. It also offers 10, 25 or 50 percent illumination standby levels with a time delay of 1, 5 or 20 minutes.

High Frequency Motion Sensor

This product comes equipped with a concealed high frequency motion sensor and adjustable standby light levels, time delay and daylight hold-off for maximum energy savings. High frequency motion sensors can detect motion through many materials including glass, sheet rock, and wood doors so consumers should confirm with the factory that this is the best sensor option for their application.


Optec LED Lighting

The OLPG1 will typically reduce energy consumption from 50-75 percent (varies depending on luminaire size required for application). Facility managers can expect to see the lighting portion of their power bill attributed to this product decrease by the same percentages.

The product addresses the common problem of glare with a flat light guide that removes the LEDs from the line of sight without compromising luminaire efficacy or distribution performance. The luminaire produces an unprecedented (up to)16,900 lumens at 130watts.

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