Evaluating Membrane Roofing

May 14, 2012

Buyer beware and the devil is in the details are pertinent warnings for building owners looking for quality, cost-efficient membrane roofing materials for their facilities. How do you decide which set of data is most relevant – performance history or material data sheets?

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Absorb Stormwater, Save Money

Revised fee structures may create significantly steeper stormwater fees unless you implement stormwater management practices (SMPs).

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Could Biofuel Meet 30% of Global Demand?
Could plant derived biofuels meet 30% of the global demand for liquid transportation fuels?Click here for complete article …
CUNY Energy Institute Develops Battery System This system could have serious potential to reduce building and facility electric bills, and is scheduled for commercialization later this year. Click here for complete article …
Wind Farms and the Night-Warming Effect
As renewable energy sources are implemented as options at facilities and buildings across the U.S., new insights are continually discovered.
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Tips for Selecting Rigid Roof Insulation
The best roof insulation choice meets thermal needs, energy codes, and performance requirements, resulting in a roof system that performs well over the long term.Click here for complete article …
Black vs. White Roofing
There are three reasons why the decision isn't clear-cut when it comes to selecting the right roofing membrane.
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Strategies for Stormwater With growing populations and the need for more water for agriculture and industry, clean potable water is becoming scarce.Click here for complete article …
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