How to Manage Outside Contractors

Feb. 1, 2012
February 2012 Vol. 7, Issue 2

How to Manage Outside Contractors

Do your building security policies and procedures account for outside contractors, such as cleaning crews, maintenance technicians, and construction crews? Guard against crimes committed by outsiders by requiring contracts, involving tenants, and measuring performance.

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Corporate Security Plan Tips
Corporate security plans and standards can have significant impacts across your portfolio.
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10 Strategies to Prevent Tailgating
Tailgating is one of the most common security breach methods - do you have strategies in place to stop it?
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Top Smart Card Blunders
Use a little forethought and common sense to avoid these smart card blunders.
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Wireless Building Sensors and Controls

Wireless building sensors and controls for lighting and HVAC can increase energy efficiency and dramatically reduce the cost of renovation work and systems updates. This webinar will address the current state of wireless sensors and controls for lighting and HVAC, the industry standards that apply to them, and how to evaluate and specify them for your building.


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Wire Guard Damage Stopper by STI
Protect detectors and emergency lights.
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MedVault by Knox Company
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Safely Recycle Fluorescent Lamps by Crushing with Air Cycle’s Bulb Eater® Summit Chase Condos – KONE Modernization Solutions WP Hickman Product Catalog
How to Prevent IT Equipment from Overheating—in Winter

Markar Hinges Make the Grade

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