2 Ways to Save with Reflective Roofing

Aug. 15, 2011

With the growing prevalence of cool reflective roofs, the roofing industry is making great strides to keep up and produce innovative solutions for reflective roofing – including advancing the relationship between roofing and solar panel systems.

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See the Light of Day Cleaning

You opt to perform some activities during the evening – like cooling your facility during your electric company’s off-peak hours – because it costs less than performing the activity during normal business hours. Cleaning, however, can actually save you if performed during the day instead of at night.

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Historic Fuel Efficiency Standard Announced
President Obama has announced a historic fuel efficiency standard that will affect approximately 90% of all vehicles sold in the U.S.. Click here for complete article …
Six Tips for Repairs of Damaged Structural Concrete If the underlying damage is severe, it may be cheaper over the long term to tear everything down and rebuild. Click here for complete article …
Six Tips for Lawn and Landscape
Are you doing everything you can to make sure the first impression of your building is a positive, lasting one?
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Will a Cool Roof Pay Off for You?
On-Demand Webinar: Because all roofing types have various ways of increasing their solar reflectivity, how should you use cool as a factor in selecting a roofing system? Click here for complete article …
Cool in All Roof Colors
Lighter is better when it comes to roofing … right? That’s not always the case, as it turns out. Cool pigments can provide benefits across the roof color spectrum.
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Clean up with Day Cleaning Embrace the under-appreciated benefits of day cleaning. Click here for complete article …
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  • Vegetated roofs for existing buildings • Integrating solar power into your roof
  • Assessing the environmental and energy impacts of different roof systems.

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Building Sustainability through Building Automation Real World Interoperability R2 VARYX Continuous Hinge for Door Repair
Facilities professionals report that service contracts extend equipment lifecycles and reduce energy costs

The RITE Door and Kaiser Permanente: High Design with the Patient in Mind

Anti-Slip Roof Top Walkway
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