Top Money-Saving Products 2011

July 5, 2011

Looking to squeeze more money out of your budget? These economical products are geared toward energy-slashing results, fast ROIs, low initial and life-cycle costs, and minimal environmental impact. The BUILDINGS editorial staff is serving up budget-friendly solutions that benefit your bottom line.

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Maintain Building Exteriors to Maintain Costs

This webinar will highlight the benefits of conducting regular exterior maintenance and outline the components of a quality exterior maintenance program.

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Harnessing Energy Never Looked So Good

As interest in renewable energy grows, so do advancements that increase performance and decrease costs. Boosting the technology in these power sources expands current applications and brings their benefits to a wider range of consumers.

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Six Cost-Effective Trends for Educational Facilities
Six cost-effective trends and tips to help educational facilities meet and exceed goals.Click here for complete article…
Building with Sustainable Green Materials As the construction industry recovers from the Great Recession and more builders resume operations, many will discover a changed world. Click here for complete article…
Avoid Costly Project Management Problems
Ever find yourself in the middle of a costly project and wish you'd started off differently?
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How to Benchmark Energy Performance

In this intensive course, learn how to benchmark commercial real estate using the EPA energy performance rating system. Manual and automated data input alternatives for benchmarking are reviewed and lessons learned from building operators are presented to facilitate fast, effective and accurate benchmarking results.

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Top Smart Card Blunders
Use a little forethought and common sense to avoid these glitches. Click here for complete article …
A Cool Solution
Are chilled beams a viable heating and cooling option for your building?
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Finding Your Best Renewable Energy Strategy Solar, wind, ground-source heat pumps, biomass, biodiesel – there are a range of renewable and clean energy options. Click here for complete article …
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Real World Interoperability

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The complexity of creating effective building security systems that interoperate with other systems is a challenge for businesses worldwide. Sophisticated, non-security systems can monitor security system events and transactions, distinguishing key events and directly affecting functions like sprinkler shut-off, fire relays, playback of recorded messages, turning on microphones/cameras etc. True interoperability between security and non-security systems is cost-efficient, enables complete automation and resolves problems that couldn't be solved otherwise.

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Building Sustainability through Building Automation Building Information Modeling Saves B&W Pantex Nearly $10 Million In Construction Costs IntelaSun Catalog
Monitoring Energy Use: The Power of Information Seize cost-saving opportunities and improve building performance with a proven solution

Markar Hinges Make the Grade

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