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Security on Fire

May 3, 2011
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May 2011 Vol. 6, Issue 5

Security on Fire

Over 13,000 fires occur in high-rise buildings each year. These fires cost 29 lives, 320 injuries and $44 million in property damage. Keep fire prevention and life safety a top priority by conducting a fire protection survey, administering preparedness training, scheduling drills, and monitoring mass notification equipment.

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Industry's First Lighted Bollards

Calpipe Security Bollard's Lighted Bollards are designed for architectural and security applications. With a sleek architectural design created from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and a steel security core, each bollard comes equipped with LED, fluorescent, compact fluorescent or metal halide lamps making them an attractive solution for perimeter protection and area illumination. With the industry's broadest line of bollards, from high security K-rated to removable and retractable, we deliver the right product for your application, fast!Click here for more information.
Practice Makes Perfect
When is your next emergency drill scheduled?
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Evacuation Planning
An evacuation procedure that is properly planned, practiced, and executed can mean the difference between control and panic.
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Are You Prepared to Respond to an Emergency?
Take-away tips offer facilities professionals advice on preparing for emergency evacuation.
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Watch & Learn Webinar
Brought to you by: Green Globes

Green Globes: Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings

This session covers the origination of Green Globes, the environmental protocols within the online tool, what the tool looks like, how information is filled out and how Green Globes usage has been gaining attention in the United States. Come hear about this revolutionary alternative to LEED.
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SALTO Virtual Network by Salto Systems
Remotely update locks and key cards.
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Remotely monitors for 16 structural and environmental hazards.
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Essex RoxProx by Essex Electronics
Proximity reader withstands harsh conditions.
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National Vending Continuum™ Brings Comfort and Savings to a Grand Hotel-The Breakers Metomic Catalog
Corporate Universal Waste Recycling: Ensuring Compliance, Generating Savings
NASCAR Hall of Fame

Spartan Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes

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