Thought Leaders of Our Energy Future

Sept. 15, 2010
August 2010 Vol. 7, Issue8

Thought Leaders of Our Energy Future

With respect to "going green" and thinking about new ways to use less fossil fuel, the next generation is where the thought leaders are. Why?

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AERCO's SmartPlate Water-to-Water Heaters

Ideal with condensing boilers in low temperature applications, SmartPlate single- and double-wall heaters deliver precise temperature control. Each <10ft² heater ships fully assembled including load monitoring controller, sensors, electronic valve, potable water-side circulator with clean out connections, drain valve, shut-off valves and inlet strainers. Units support remote monitoring and BAS integration.

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What's New with Energy-Management Software
Energy-management software is a product that every facilities professional can benefit from using. According to David Helliwell, cofounder, Pulse Energy, Vancouver, BC, the No. 1 benefit is saving money by reducing energy use and catching demand spikes. "Other benefits include reduced trouble calls and more efficient maintenance."
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Energy Investments in the Middle of a Recession?
According to Eastern philosophy, yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole. Everything has both yin and yang, which continuously interact, never existing in absolute stasis. Management decisions also have two sides, and an enlightened organization should consider energy-management projects when times are tough.
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Energy Savings vs. Energy Waste: Which One Motivates You?
Do you know that people are more motivated to avoid pain than to achieve a reward?
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Next Generation of Air Handlers
The Performance Climate Changer air handler was designed to deliver superior performance with industry-leading energy efficiency, system optimization, and highest quality, all at lower installed cost.
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Housings and Trims for Compact Fluorescents
Nora Lighting introduces the industry's first compact fluorescent GU24 family of housings and trims that accept interchangeable, self-ballasted GU24 CFL lamps in 13W, 18W and 26W.
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On-Demand, Natural-Gas-Fired Steam Boilers
Miura boilers feature an exclusive "once-through" vertical-tube design, a revolutionary advance that produces steam on-demand in just five minutes (or less) while also using less water and energy.
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Insulation Energy Savings: Key Issues and Performance Factors Real World Interoperability Germ-Busting Antimicrobial Surface Treatment
Extend the life of an asphalt pavement, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and save petroleum resources

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