Sustainability in Owner-Occupied Buildings

Aug. 25, 2010
August 2010 Vol. 8 Issue 8

Leveraging Investment and Providing Returns in Owner-Occupied Buildings

Sustainability's value proposition relies on many variables. For some, the dominant value lies in a property's marketability, operating income, or operational utility savings. For others, it is in resource conservation and environmental stewardship. Different financial models drive merchant developers, owners of multi-tenant buildings, and owners and managers of owner-occupied buildings. The motivations behind green building initiatives for these three types of building owners may overlap, but owner-occupied buildings are in a prime position to benefit directly from sustainable practices. Unlike merchant developers or developers of multi-tenant buildings, these owners are invested in their buildings for the long term, which offers more potential for return on investment and any improvements that impact building efficiency and/or affect their employees.

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    A Natural Choice for Modern Spaces

    Carpet made with DuPont™ Sorona® fiber provides permanent, natural stain resistance, superior durability, and complimentary color and design to enhance your space. It contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight, meaning it uses less petroleum based ingredients - plus it can contribute to LEED® points in 3 areas. With so much beauty and innovation built in, it's a natural choice for today's commercial designs.

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    A Smart Approach to Sustainability
    When you cut through the lingo and get down to reality, sustainability isn't about spending more on fancy gadgets in hopes of earning an eventual return on investment. It's not about environmentally responsible buildings that ultimately sacrifice tenant/occupant comfort; it's not about "greenwashing" your building, packing in as many sustainable products as possible without giving it much thought.
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    Getting Everyone on Board
    Solid energy management and sustainability plans are important and can provide a great benefit to the company and to the environment. But, these plans can't work properly if not everyone on your team is on the same page. In order to keep their teams involved in energy management and sustainability practices, some companies have implemented a number of successful programs and projects.
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    Five Tips for Putting Integrative Design into Action
    Integrative design is the way to create truly green, high-performance, healthy buildings. The key to doing integrative design is "Everyone. Everything. Early." Here are five tips for putting integrative design into action.
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    Green Touchscreen by Siemens Industry, Inc.
    This program uses web-based technology to educate the public and building occupants about a building's sustainability measures and energy use.
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    Occu-smart by Lamar Lighting
    These widely-used motion sensors are now available with Green Light Savers.
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    Dual-Flush Bowls by Sloan Valve Company
    These toilet bowls have been listed and certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).
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    New Opportunities for Sustainable Operations with Revised LEED-EBOM Certification School District Improves Energy Performance by 50% Horizontal Lifeline for Working Heights
    Extend the life of an asphalt pavement, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and save petroleum resources.

    Real World Interoperability

    Germ-Busting Antimicrobial Surface Treatment
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