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Make Performance Contracting Work for Your Energy Project

June 16, 2010
June 2010 Vol. 7, Issue 6

Make Performance Contracting Work for Your Energy Project

Especially in tough economic times, building owners who want to undertake energy projects may be limited to those that require no or limited upfront investment. Performance contracting (PC), in which the upfront costs are funded over time by the resulting energy savings, is one solution that can resolve this dilemma.

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AERCO Low NOx Esteem 399 Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

The AERCO Esteem 399 is a wall-hung boiler with a uniquely designed stainless-steel heat exchanger with 95% efficiency. At the heart of the AERCO Esteem 399 is a 439 stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger. This highly corrosion resistant heat exchanger is perfect for all condensing Hydronic heating designs. It offers all the benefits of the new generation high efficiency, modulating, condensing boilers along with easy installation, low maintenance and high reliability.

For more information, visit www.aerco.com/est7.

How Performance Contracting Helps Finance Energy Projects
Partnering with an energy service company can make energy-efficiency projects possible - even when little or no funding exists.
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Energy Investments in the Middle of a Recession?
If you propose making energy-management investments during a recession’s reduced operating and capital budgets, will your boss respond with: (A) “Are you crazy?” or (B) “That’s a great idea!”?
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Energy Management, CFO Style
Some people mistakenly believe that energy costs are fixed – a fact of life – and that nothing can be done about them. This myth has been proven wrong millions of times by progressive businesses and government agencies.
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Power-Generating Flush Valve
The HydroVantage flush valve is designed to create energy during each flush cycle. As water passes through the valve, the turbine spins, creating electrical energy that is then stored in a rechargeable cell.
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Slim, Lightweight, Efficient Troffer Downlights
The troffer backlight utilizes advanced light extraction technologies to extract light precisely where needed, providing bright, uniform light in a thinner form factor without hot spots or dark areas.
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Power Pole Extender Increases Space Flexibility
Legrand/Wiremold now makes it easier to install power poles, including making on-site modifications to accommodate a variety of height requirements.
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Making the connection between IT and facilities

Data centers must be viewed as interconnected environments—from rack to row to room to building. Schneider Electric calls this integration the data center physical infrastructure. The only clear path to the highest availability and maximum efficiency, it comprises power, cooling, physical security, and rack systems and is monitored and managed via software solutions and professional services. The result? Maximized energy efficiency and guaranteed availability across the data center physical infrastructure.

Download the FREE white paper, “Tackling Today’s Data Center Energy Efficiency Challenges.”

Insulation Energy Savings: Key Issues and Performance Factors Real World Interoperability Germ-Busting Antimicrobial Surface Treatment
Increasing Data Center Efficiency by Using Improved High Density Power Distribution

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