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GHG Reporting in 5 Minutes

April 21, 2010
April 2010 Vol. 7, Issue 4

Green Building Insulation: The Environmental Benefits

The Advantages of Row and Rack-Oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers

Protection of Seasonally Operated HVAC Equipment Used in Commercial & Institutional Systems

Case Studies

Nixalite’s K-Net Bird Netting Keeps Pest Birds at Bay

Real World Interoperability

Parterre Flooring Adds Artistic Flair to LaGrange Art Museum

GHG Reporting in 5 Minutes

Measuring your company's greenhouse gases (GHG) has become a common activity over the last 5 years. Several tools from different organizations are available to quantify your GHG emissions. Because all of these tools must comply with the Kyoto Protocol, they are very similar, regardless of which organization supplies them. Check out some of your options …

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AERCO Modulex High-efficiency Boilers

AERCO’s Modulex line of condensing boilers represents a breakthrough in high efficiency design. Available in six sizes, the boilers bring an unprecedented level of operating reliability to installations that require anywhere from 300,000 to 1 million BTUs/hr. AERCO Modulex boilers provide best-in-class performance, including turndown ranges from 6:1 to 23:1, resulting in up to 96% efficiency.

For more information, contact AERCO at 800.526.0288 or visit our Web site: www.aerco.com/mlx7.

New Guidance on Clearing the Indoor Air through Improved IAQ
A new book and CD titled The Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction, and Commissioning provides guidance for achieving enhanced IAQ.
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CO2 Monitoring Advances Air Quality and Energy Efficiency
HVAC engineers have long known that monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) is helpful in controlling indoor air quality; however, until recently, the practice was discouraged by the cost.
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Proactive Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: Delivering the Fundamentals
Tenants today have high expectations regarding their building's service and technology requirements as they squeeze the last ounce of productivity out of their most expensive asset: their employees.
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Energy-Efficient Windows Installed at LEED Certified School
TRACO announces that it has manufactured more than 1,900 architectural windows as part of the $55 million semi-historic renovation of Eastern High School in Washington, D.C.
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High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) Solar Industrial Fan
The MacroVoltaic fan is the only high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) solar industrial fan on the market. HVLS fan technology is unique in that it is designed to generate a column of air that flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees.
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Dimmable LED Power Supply Allows Use of LED Lighting
Contractors and end-users wishing to use “green” LED lighting can now do so while retaining the aesthetics of dimmable lighting with a new dimmable LED power supply from Foster Transformer.
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The Energy Professional’s Guide to Data Loggers & Building Performance

A new 30-page guide from Onset details how portable data loggers can be applied in a number of building monitoring applications, such as HVAC systems monitoring, commissioning, Measurement & Verification, and load profiling. The guide offers practical tips and techniques on a range of topics, including data logger installation, monitoring plan development, safety, and data interpretation.

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