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Workplace Violence in Your Office Building

April 7, 2010
April 2010 Vol. 5, Issue 4

Workplace Violence in Your Office Building

Suppose a senior executive working in one of your tenants’ offices approached you and said, “Our receptionist has just gone through a terrible divorce. This afternoon, her ex-husband called her and told her he was going to kill her. She’s terrified, and she believes he means it. Here’s a photo of him. Please don’t let him into the building.”

What’s your obligation as a building owner or property management representative?

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Security: A Blueprint for Reducing Risk
Discover which three areas to focus on when instituting a new security plan – or beefing up an existing one.
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How to Prevent Office Theft
Theft in the workplace is more common (and more damaging) than you might realize – and we’re not talking about stolen lunches.
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Property managers have certain legal responsibilities to protect tenants from harm, and to protect the neighborhood from tenants that may do harm. Are you meeting those responsibilities? How do you know?
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RICOCHET by Texecom
RICOCHET system maintains signal integrity even in the event of direct-line interference.
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Frontier by Matrix Systems
A recent access control/security software upgrade provides a higher level of security level without compromising convenience.
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ES8500 by Designed Security Inc.
This turnstile can handle a high volume of pedestrian traffic – up to 30 people per minute per lane.
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