Proactive vs. Reactive Security

April 5, 2010

Many businesses will, at some point, consider security processes to protect assets, people, property (tangible and intangible), and information. Will you be proactive and prepared before something happens, or will you simply react to the situation after something occurs?

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SmartPlate Water-to-Water Heaters

Ideal with condensing boilers in low temperature applications, AERCO's SmartPlate water-to-water heaters deliver ±4°F temperature control. Available in brazed plate, single wall and plate and frame, double wall configurations, each <10ft² heater ships fully assembled including load monitoring PID controller, sensors, electronic valve, potable water side circulator with clean out connections, DHW drain valve and shut-off valves and inlet strainers on both the boiler water and DHW sides. Units support remote monitoring and BAS integration.

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Fantastic Foam

What’s under your carpet may be just as important as the carpet itself. Using polyurethane foam carpet cushion can extend the life of your building’s carpet and provide other benefits.

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The Greenest Building in the United States
The Benedictine Women of Madison’s Holy Wisdom Monastery, located in Madison, WI, earned 63 out of 69 points under the USGBC’s LEED-NC Version 2.2 rating system, which is the highest rating awarded by the USGBC in the history of the LEED-NC program.
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A Design for Retirement Facilities of the Future
New “Facility of the Future” interior design brand guidelines and standards have been established for healthcare/retirement facilities throughout the United States. They consist of state-of-the-art amenities and furnishings for a senior population that wants high-quality, wellness-focused recovery environments.
Click here for complete article … New Study Ranks Top 25 U.S. Markets in Green Building Opportunities
The Green Building Opportunity Index is the first office market assessment tool to provide weighted comparisons of top U.S. office markets on the basis of real estate fundamentals and green development considerations.
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Security Physicals for Buildings
Property managers have certain legal responsibilities to protect tenants from harm, and to protect the neighborhood from tenants that may do harm. Are you meeting those responsibilities? How do you know? When did you last conduct a security assessment to determine if your security approach matches the needs of your buildings, tenants, and neighborhoods?
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How to Prevent Office Theft
Theft in the workplace is more common (and more damaging) than you might realize – and we’re not talking about stolen lunches. Cash, computers, and even identities could be snatched from right under your nose – in your building – and the results can be devastating.
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Carpet Specs 101: Backing is the Foundation
Facility professionals take note: Specifying a backing is just as important as selecting the color, fiber, and pattern of your commercial carpet.
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Scotchgard Ultra Durable Floor Finish System by 3M
This floor finish system dramatically slashes maintenance requirements and reduces maintenance costs and chemical use.
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Element by Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Element Indoor Recycling Stations provide stylish, centralized collection for multi-stream waste and recycling sortation.
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HL-95/105 emergency lighting units by High-Lites
These attractive, low-profile units are available in standard and self-diagnostic versions.
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