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Making Security Pay

March 3, 2010
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March 2010 Vol. 5, Issue 3

Making Security Pay

Some say that security is an expense, not an investment; therefore, CEOs and other C-level executives shouldn’t expect an ROI from security. The role of security, says this contingent, is to identify the risks faced by a company – perhaps a company that owns and manages a portfolio of office buildings – and to manage those risks.

Those on the other side of the argument insist that the opposite holds true. Security is a business function, they say, just like marketing and manufacturing. What a company invests in business functions must produce a return, or the company won’t be in business very long.

Who’s correct? Read more about ROI on security ...
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Hiring a Security Guard Service
Security is a serious business. How do you make sure you’re getting it right? A security assessment can help.
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The Security Officer of the Future Has Arrived
Today’s security officer is searching for and locating potential threats to your assets, and they’re using technologically advanced surveillance systems. They’re responsible for more than ever before. How can you ensure that your security officers are optimally deployed, responsible, and accountable?
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Finding, Training, and Retaining an Effective Security Team
In most buildings, the security guard is the first person that guests and tenants see when they enter a building (and the last when they leave); first and final impressions can leave indelible perceptions – good or bad. It’s vital to have the right team in place.
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inTouch by Yale Commercial Locks and Hardware
A capacitive touchscreen display with a cylindrical lockset redesigns the concept of standalone locking devices.
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ClearSCADA by CMI and Longwatch
Control Microsystems’ ClearSCADA can be integrated with the Longwatch Video Surveillance Platform, along with IP surveillance cameras, to capture and convey important security information.
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Security guard services by AlliedBarton
Whether you’re responsible for an office building, a chemical plant, a college campus, a bank, a hospital, or a gated community, AlliedBarton has security services that can help you.
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