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A Closer Look at Green Retail Facilities

June 18, 2009

Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the ENERGY STAR® labeling system in 1992, the rating wasn’t available for retail facilities until October 2007.

Now, the well-known energy-efficiency rating isn’t the only thing motivating retail facilities to go green – growing concern about global climate change and the need to cut costs in the tough economic environment are driving retail facilities now more than ever to implement sustainable practices.

Here’s how a few retailers are engaging in energy efficiency in their facilities – and saving both kinds of green.

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ASHRAE’s New Publication Provides Energy Efficiency Guidance for Hotels
ASHRAE’s new publication, Advanced Energy Design Guide for Highway Lodging, contains recommendations on how to achieve 30 percent energy savings over minimum code requirements.
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Changes to National Model Energy Codes Could Help Buildings Save Energy Costs
NBI and the AIA proposed changes to a national model energy code for new commercial buildings, the Intl. Energy Conservation Code. The proposed code would create buildings that are 20 to 25 percent more energy efficient than currently required.
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BMW Set to Pump up Energy Plan
Spartanburg-based BMW Manufacturing Co. is expanding its landfill methane gas-to-energy program, which meets more than 60 percent of the plant's total energy requirements. The $12 million expansion will help the company more efficiently use the gas siphoned from the landfill.
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Prentice Hospital Shares Lessons Learned During New Construction
Soon after Northwestern Memorial HealthCare (NMH) completed its flagship replacement hospital in 1999, the project team, building occupants, and staff members documented the lessons they learned from the project. Flexibility, sustainability, and commissioning improved patient care while supporting future growth.
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Project Innovations 2008: Manekin Headquarters, Columbia, MD
With an aim toward developing a green building and providing a healthy work environment for employees, Manekin Construction LLC’s headquarters meets LEED Silver certification requirements.
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Hospitals Go Green
When Children’s Hospital of Austin, TX, first began planning to build an environmentally sustainable replacement facility 6 years ago, the board of trustees felt it was in the best position to explore some key strategic issues.
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