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Walls & Partitions

Textures Collection

Six architectural textures applied to a durable glass alternative.

Wood Frame

Wood Frame is a floor-to-ceiling mounted partition system. Can be used as a standalone system, a single-panel walled partition, or multiple panels to surround a room. Designed...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

Chroma XT

Chroma XT, a bold solid surface for exterior applications, responds to both natural and artificial light thanks to its saturated color, matte finish, and soft appearance.It contains...
Envelope, Structural & Windows

Koda XT

Koda XT exterior polycarbonate translucent panels boast over 100 times the impact strength of glass and over 60 times the impact strength of acrylic.The panels are made with 40...

RGB Lighting

RGB Lighting provides dynamic illumination for reception areas, walls, columns, shelving, and partitions. It serves as an architectural tool to impact the user experience in the...

Varia Ecoresin

Varia Ecoresin is a line of recycled resin panels that create an intimate ambiance within a larger space that might otherwise feel impersonal. The non-toxic, sustainable material...