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VR 360 Video Tour: Sustainable Building Design in Salt Lake City (BOMA 2019)

April 3, 2019

Take a look inside the two high-performance facilities featured on the building tour at the 2019 BOMA International annual conference and expo.

Updated 6/24/2019:

The tour of 111 Main and the City Creek Center was so popular that there was a waitlist and then the group split apart to accommodate everyone.

Check out this VR 360 Video. Use the controls to move the video around:

The City Creek Center is the only shopping center outside of Dubai with a retractable roof, which was opened during the tour to allow the nice summer weather to seep in. The center also has residential apartments and additional outdoor space for gatherings while having a mix of retailers.

The building at 111 Main showed off its hat-truss design and other unique features. The windows in the lobby can with stand an earthquake, for example. The tour visited the roof and heard how the property was built with other buildings in the neighborhood.

The article below was originally published on 4/3/2019:

In a high-performance building, there’s always room to improve.

The two facilities featured on the building tour at the BOMA 2019 International Conference and Expo—111 Main and the City Creek Center—are both models of sustainable design that are sure to spark some innovative ideas. Here’s what you can expect to see on the tour.

Sustainable Design, Symbiotic Relationship

The first impression 111 Main makes on most people is one of surprise, because of its hat truss design. The tower has no columns to hold up the building—it’s supported and stabilized entirely by a glass fin, with 35-foot-tall glass panels in the lobby to further drive that point home.

(Photo: Lobby of 111 Main. Credit: Alan Blakely)

Step into the lobby and check out the perpetually changing art on the video wall, then venture further to learn about 111 Main’s efficient operation, environmentally friendly design and productive partnership with its neighbor, the new Broadway-style Eccles Theater.

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“You need to see how that interaction with design, construction and operation—that symbiotic relationship—works,” explains Dale Bills, communications director for City Creek Reserve, 111 Main’s developer and the real estate arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “That’s a unique element of this building. The public-private collaboration worked, and it was win-win all along.”

(Photo: 111 Main in Salt Lake City. Credit: Alan Blakely)

The 2,500-seat theater uses 42 square feet of 111 Main’s footprint up through the fourth floor, a design that required the hat truss construction to accommodate it. The end result was more expensive than a conventional building, but also provides a stunning visual impression from the outside and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains from the inside.


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The latter is especially popular with tenants, who love showing guests mountains that are as close as 10 miles from the office, says Bruce Lyman, director of leasing for City Creek Reserve and a BOMA member since 1985 who has served in leadership positions in three BOMA regions.

“I think people will be in awe when they see this building in Salt Lake City,” Lyman says of the tower, which is on track to earn LEED Gold.

Rejuvenating the Neighborhood

City Creek Center was the largest redevelopment project in the nation when it was redeveloped in 2012. Boasting LEED Silver for Neighborhood Development, it covers two-and-a-half city blocks and is the only retail center in the U.S. to have a fully retractable glass roof.

Two 18-foot-tall waterfalls feature fountains created by the designers of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, and a 1,200-foot creek with live Utah trout in it brings the mountainous outdoors inside.

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Touring City Creek Center will give participants an inside look at how to maintain a busy, thriving mixed-use destination in the middle of downtown.

It features more than 700,000 square feet of retail space with 110 stores and restaurants, as well as residential space and 1.2 million square feet of offices. The walkable development also includes a pedestrian skybridge that anchors it to the surrounding urban community.

(Photo credit: City Creek Reserve, Inc.)

The two properties stand as examples of what’s possible when buildings are designed as thoughtful, active participants in a sustainably designed community.

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“Salt Lake City is the logical location for BOMA to come to find out what a cutting-edge city is doing to be so desirable for people to move to and relocate their businesses to,” says Lyman. “It’s our affordability combined with our livability. You can be in the mountains hiking or go water skiing in less than 15 minutes and golfing in less than five—and you could actually be in your office in less than 15 minutes from most places in the valley.”

Adds Bills, “We’re a city in the valley, and that has become attractive to a number of businesses. We’re continuing to grow, build and be a place where any business could be comfortable and productive.”

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