Decarbonization/Net Zero

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Resiliency & Sustainability

How You Can Safeguard Tenant Health Against Climate Change (BOMA 2024 Preview)

May 29, 2024
Wildfires and other phenomena are underscoring the links between climate change and public health. What can building owners and managers do to protect people’s health and adapt...
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How Aerial Imagery Technology is Enabling the Construction of 15-Minute Cities

April 8, 2024
Location-intelligence technology is making healthier, connected and greener cities a reality.
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3 Ways to Energize More Sustainable Buildings

March 11, 2024
There’s never been a better time to decarbonize buildings. The energy transition and electrification are surging forward, underscoring the importance of using electricity more...
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Decarbonization/Net Zero

Retrofitting America: Overcoming Challenges in Pursuit of Net Zero Buildings

March 6, 2024
Recent study findings underscore both progress toward net zero emissions and the pressing need for more action. The U.S. in particular faces a daunting challenge. Learn more.
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Decarbonization/Net Zero

What is a Net Zero Building?

Feb. 27, 2024
What defines a net zero building? The White House and U.S. Department of Energy recently announced a national definition, along with three principles and guidelines on how buildings...
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Smart Buildings

Top 7 Growth Opportunities for Smart Buildings in 2024

Decarbonization and occupant experience enhancement to shape future growth potential of smart buildings.