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How New York City Keeps Building Occupants Protected

May 5, 2010
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May 2010 Vol. 5, Issue 5

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How New York City Keeps Building Occupants Protected

If you own or manage a building in New York City, you’re probably practicing a well-regarded all-hazards emergency action plan (EAP) that was implemented by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) in 2006.

According to Andrea Houtkin, president of Houtkin Consulting Inc., a New York City-based security consultant, the EAP provides “excellent guidance to office tenants and building managers facing an emergency anywhere” – not just in New York.

Read more to find out what makes up an EAP ...

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Emergency Planning is Easier with the Right Software
Emergency planning software helps facility managers customize and communicate proprietary response plan.
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Make-or-Break Steps for Disaster Preparation
In the event of a disaster, organization bounce-back comes down to preparation and planning.
Read more » Integrating Emergency-Response Systems
One of the most important aspects of an emergency-response system is the ability to communicate information to occupants inside and outside of the building via a variety of tools. The newest part of this technology is referred to as “by-your-side technology.”
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ES8500 by Designed Security Inc.
ES8500 includes sensors to ensure that only one person for each authorized identification card can pass at a time, eliminating the “tailgating” security threat.
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AD-Series by Schlage
The integrated intelligence of this project allows you to keep people, property, and assets safe and secure in a productive and efficient way.
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Designer bollards by Delta Scientific
If these bollards are damaged, you simply slide off the old sleeve and slip on a new one.
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