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Fire & Life Safety

SmokeShield Fabric Smoke & Fire

SmokeShield Fabric Smoke and Fire is a new fire safety closure that compartmentalizes fire and smoke at the first hint of smoke, enhancing life safety. Encloses atrium areas, ...
Access Control & Security

Electronic AutoLock

CornellCookson is now offering an Electronic AutoLock for its Extreme Microcoil Grille – 500 Cycles and its 300 Series Grille. This additional protection feature prevents lifting...
Fire & Life Safety

SmokeShield Fabric Smoke and Fire

SmokeShield Fabric Smoke and Fire is a fire safety closure that saves lives and prevents property damage by compartmentalizing fire and smoke at the first hint of smoke. It’s ...
Doors & Hardware

Insulated Counter Door

CornellCookson’s Insulated Counter Door is a protective, efficient counter door that offers quiet operation. Ideal for finished openings in any application that needs an insulated...
Access Control & Security

Visionaire MicroCoil Grille

The Visionaire MicroCoil Grille is a space-saving, ultra-slim security grille that requires nearly 30% less headroom than standard industry grilles. The curtain coils tightly ...

Magic Switch

The Magic Switch is a touchless activation device that allows users to open and close doors with the wave of a hand. The durable, stainless steel, flush mount Magic Switch is ...
Access Control & Security

EntryDefender Door

The EntryDefender Door protects government buildings, pharmacies, cannabis dispensaries, manufacturing facilities and other sensitive buildings from mob style attacks for up to...
Fire & Life Safety

StormDefender™ Door

The StormDefender™ Door was developed for use in storm shelters. This advanced rolling steel door is designed specifically for safe room protection against life-threatening tornados...
Fire & Life Safety


AlarmGard fire door closing systems come in a standard motor operator or a tube motor operator. Connect directly into a building’s alarm system.Test and reset multiple doors at...