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Building Systems/O&M

Zio TR120

Honeywell has addressed the challenges of wall-mounted controller installation and set-up with the launch of its new Zio® TR120 wall module for commercial buildings. The new wall...
Fire & Life Safety

NOTIFIER System Manager App

NOTIFIER by Honeywell now pairs with the System Manager app, a cloud-based, mobile monitoring tool that allows building staff to simplify how they interact with and manage NOTIFIER...
Fire & Life Safety

Silent Knight 6000 Series

The Silent Knight 6000 Series (6700, 6808, 6820 and 6820EVS) is an expansion of addressable fire alarm control panels and accessories for improving small-to-medium size business...
Access Control & Security


This web-based access control system offers increased efficiency with a faster, user-friendly design that’s simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. Version 6.0 is ...
Fire & Life Safety

Fire-Lite Endurance Series

The Fire-Lite Endurance Series fire alarm control panels feature dual-path communications, programmable buttons, and support for combined fire and CO addressable detection.Offers...
Access Control & Security

Pro-Watch 4.3.5

Pro-Watch 4.3.5 is a connected buildings enterprise management platform that combines access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other business critical functions...
Access Control & Security

DVM R620

DVM R620, the new version of Honeywell Digital Video Manager, supports large-scale security and surveillance operations in complex building environments.Streamlines capturing ...
Fire & Life Safety


This advanced aspirating smoke detector offers better accuracy with higher sensitivity and improved dust rejection. Senses smoke before fires are visible and can characterize ...
Building Systems/O&M

HPM Series Particle Sensor

The HPM Series particle sensor monitors HVAC units and consumer air technology for potentially harmful particulate contaminants caused by dust, soot, and smoke. Uses lasers to...
Building Automation & IOT

Enterprise Buildings Integrator R500

Enterprise Buildings Integrator R500 turns facility data into actionable insights. It integrates security, comfort, life safety, and energy control systems through a single point...

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Fire & Life Safety

Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology (SWIFT)

This wireless fire alarm solution uses a self-healing Class A mesh network to ensure high reliability and eliminate the cost of running wires. It seamlessly integrates with existing...
Resiliency & Sustainability


Din-Mon energy meters are communicating submeters that integrate with a BAS.The revenue-grade devices enable tenant billing and departmental cost allocation, as well as provide...

Lighting Stryker

MONEY-SAVING PRODUCT WINNERLighting Stryker offers easy and intuitive programming for lighting zone set up, time scheduling, and dimming strategies that contribute to energy savings...

Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent

Offering hail protection for substrates, Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent is a next-generation blowing agent for spray foam roofs. Solstice LBA is nonflammable, has received EPA ...
Building Systems/O&M


Honeywell’s VFD CORE controls the speed of pumps and fans in commercial HVAC systems. It is compatible with 95% of HVAC applications and can be programmed in minutes with its ...