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Fire & Life Safety

How to Understand NEC 2023 Cybersecurity Requirements

It’s becoming increasingly important to integrate cybersecurity into buildings, especially where emergency power systems and life safety are concerned. The 2023 update of the ...
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Industry News

ESG Intersections and Reporting Your Successes (BOMA 2024 Preview)

The three components of ESG—Environmental, Social and Governance—interact to form a holistic view of how your company operates. This 2024 BOMA International Conference & Expo ...
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Energy & Water Efficiency

Demand Response: A Key Strategy for Facility Managers to Enhance Operational Efficiency and Sustainability

Demand response is a critical operational tool that can help avert a crisis and reduce facility energy costs. Learn more.
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The Links Between Climate Change and Mold and Mildew Proliferation in Commercial Buildings

We’ve all experienced mold and mildew before, but did you know that climate change can impact its growth—not to mention property values? Check out these strategies for preventing...


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Smart Buildings

Flatten the Smart Building Technology Learning Curve

Try these 7 strategies to help ease the process of new technology adoption.



Nessum Simplifies Building Automation for Commercial and Residential Structures

International standard provides foundation for an integrated automation strategy to meet comfort and security requirement of building tenants.
Smart Buildings

Smart Building and Sustainability Leaders Forum Welcomes Strategic Partner

EnOcean Alliance announced as strategic partner of Smart Buildings and Sustainability Leaders Forum 2024 to help define a sustainable and smart future.
Industry News

DOE Pushes Federal Buildings Toward Zero Emissions with New Rule

The U.S. Department of Energy finalizes standards that decrease carbon emissions for new and renovated federal buildings.