Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

What to Know About Buildings and IAQ

What factors have the biggest impacts on indoor air quality in commercial buildings, and what can facilities managers do about them? BUILDINGS tackles this question and more with guest Dr. Jordan Peccia.

Improving IAQ in the New Normal

When it comes to health and infection control in today’s buildings, a layered approach is essential—and indoor air quality is a key component. Read about the role of IAQ, ways to get started and how HVAC experts at Carrier can help.

4 Ways to Improve IAQ and Your Property’s Bottom Line

Indoor air quality has become an indispensable concern for building owners and occupants, especially as we know more about the potential negative health effects of exposure to volatile chemicals, particulate matter, emissions and other air impurities.

Beyond a Whiteboard: Markerboard, Living Wall, Game Changer

Whiteboards are boring. This new MIX line transitions a markerboard into a multi-purpose furniture line. The boards can serve as space dividers, biophilic walls, acoustic panels or even a game of PLINKO. Check out what Adrian Thompson from interiors+sources found at NeoCon 2019.

Tips for Indoor Painting Projects in Occupied Buildings

If you need to complete a touch-up or repaint inside—while your building is still in use—consider these best practices to make it less disruptive for tenants, from choosing low-VOC products to working while tenants are busy elsewhere.