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BUILDINGS 2019 Year in Review

BUILDINGS reviews the top-performing stories on, including spotlights on tenant amenities, open office tips and gender-neutral restroom design. See the top BUILDINGS articles of 2019.

Why It’s Time to Converge Physical Security and Cybersecurity

Many companies today still treat their physical and cybersecurity departments as separate entities. But as more building systems become digitized—from HVAC to access controls—experts agree that it’s time to consider converging on a departmental level to keep up with the technical level.

Year in Review: Staff Favorites

Active shooter training, tunable lighting, living walls, glass envelopes, Heat Island Effect and the next generation: writers share insight into their favorite articles of the year.

Year in Review for BUILDINGS Readers

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Active Shooter Training Eye Openers

Mass shootings are unfortunately becoming more common across the United States. Christoph Trappe and Janelle Penny discuss the eye-opening lessons learned from their company active shooter training. Find out how you can prepare the occupants in your facility for this situation and increase their survivability.