Green Products & Services

4 Convention Centers Making Strides in Sustainability

Want your facility to go green? Convention centers in Salt Lake City, Detroit, Nashville and New Orleans are making big strides in sustainability through environmentally friendly venue renovations and innovative initiatives. Learn more.

Solar Benches Are a Hot Outdoor Tenant Amenity (BOMA 2019)

Solar benches are can’t-miss tenant amenities that can be installed in a variety of outdoor environments. The benches allow tenants to charge their phones, connect to WiFI and more. Learn more benefits from Winncom Technologies at BOMA 2019.

Beyond a Whiteboard: Markerboard, Living Wall, Game Changer

Whiteboards are boring. This new MIX line transitions a markerboard into a multi-purpose furniture line. The boards can serve as space dividers, biophilic walls, acoustic panels or even a game of PLINKO. Check out what Adrian Thompson from interiors+sources found at NeoCon 2019.

Materials Science: The Demand for Sustainable Materials

The desire for sustainable materials in design continues, but development hasn’t kept up. Creating a demand and connecting with materials science professionals and universities can help show the need and desire for such products.

8 Janitorial & Restrooms Money-Saving Products 2019

Waste management, water savings, washrooms, restrooms, janitorial solutions—whatever category it falls into, these products can help get your monthly spending in check. See these 8 janitorial and restroom money-saving product winners.

Solar Fabric Canopies

Flexible solar panels integrated into fabric are giving tenants a new outdoor amenity that generates its own power. Here’s how you can create next-generation amenity spaces with this new solar technology.

Use UV to Clean Coils and Cut Energy Spending (AHR Expo)

UV should be on every cooling coil out in the United States and around the world. Because both the health side of it, you’re going to get better indoor air quality, but also the energy side of it, and everybody can benefit from it.