Top Tips for Better Stormwater Management

How do you manage stormwater at your facility? Too many property teams fall behind on maintaining stormwater management features, which can mean a notice of violation or a steep fine. Bring your stormwater management up to speed and avoid the fines with these tips from Erin Zaske, chief development officer for AQUALIS

11 Tips for Upgrading Toilets

Property owners are always searching for ways to preserve water use in their buildings. Here are 11 tips for property owners when upgrading toilets in buildings. 

Smart Irrigation Controller: BOMA 2019

Manage your water irrigation system from your phone using weather data to more accurately determine how much water to use. Some property managers have cut costs by about 35%. Christoph Trappe talks with Jake Bryan from Smart Rain about the many benefits of their water consumption solution.

Tips for Water Conservation and Efficiency

Water efficiency expert Mike Orlando from T&S Brass shares tips with Valerie Dennis Craven on how to be green and efficient with water use. He shares some eye-opening stats about water usage and what each building can do to help sustain this crucial-to-life natural resource.