Office Furniture

3 Multipurpose Furniture Trends for Open Office Design

At the 2019 IFMA World Workplace conference and expo in Phoenix, we spotted a variety of multipurpose furniture options that cater to the open office environment with their adjustable characteristics. Read more about the trends now.

Open Office Furniture and Layout Concepts

Creating an open office design that works for the people in it is a real challenge. Specifying the right furniture and creating a flexible layout go a long way toward open office workspace success.

Room Guide for Flooring and Coatings in a Commercial Building

Flooring and coatings are two commercial building products that make a big impact on how people perceive a space. Specifying the latest technologies will reduce the need for touch-ups, repaints or flooring replacement, as well as ensure a building looks great for years.

Beyond a Whiteboard: Markerboard, Living Wall, Game Changer

Whiteboards are boring. This new MIX line transitions a markerboard into a multi-purpose furniture line. The boards can serve as space dividers, biophilic walls, acoustic panels or even a game of PLINKO. Check out what Adrian Thompson from interiors+sources found at NeoCon 2019.