8 Commercial Interior Products: Grand Prize Winners

Check out these eight Grand Prize winners from our Product Innovations 2019 contest. These products were showcased at NeoCon 2019 and provide practical solutions to common problems facility managers and building owners face.

Facts and Fiction of Tunable Lighting

LED lighting has opened new avenues for facility managers, especially concerning energy efficiency. Newer to the field is tunable lighting, which allows users to adjust lighting color temperature for different conditions and possible improvements of occupant wellness. Avoid misinformation when considering the prospects of tunable lighting.

How Faucets Contribute to Meeting Accessibility Design Challenges in the Restroom

Public restrooms are one of the most critical building amenities because they must be responsive to a wide range of human needs and provide service to people with an equally wide range of abilities. The needs of a person using a wheelchair – and the space a wheelchair requires – are used as a primary source of design information for making public restrooms universally accessible. Amount of space and paths of travel for wheelchairs and the fixed nature of the plumbing equipment impose definite requirements and limits on design. 

6 Reasons to Consider a Metal Roof

In new, retrofit, and reroof applications, metal roofing systems offer low lifecycle costs through extended service life, minimal maintenance, energy savings, and enhanced building market value.

Hydraulic Fracturing up for Review

Hydraulic fracturing is a process in which large volumes of water, sand, and chemicals are injected at high pressure to extract oil and natural gas from underground rock formations, and it’s currently under review.

Offshore Wind Initiatives

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar have announced more than $50.5 million for projects seeking to develop major offshore wind initiatives for rapid and responsible deployment.

Geothermal Technologies Program

The DOE has announced plans to leverage oil and gas expertise to test reliability and efficiency of geothermal power generation at oil and gas fields under the Geothermal Technologies Program (GTP).